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Board Members

Fiscal Year July 1, 2015 June 30, 2016
Officers and Committee Members

Nancy Pool, CTP
Van Ernst Refrigeration, Inc.
Phone: (585) 586-6780
Fax: N/A
president at
Josh Kaplan
Paychex, Inc.
Phone: (585) 336-8963
Fax: N/A
treasurer at
Betty Tudisco, CTP
GateHouse Media
Phone: (585) 598-7191
Fax: N/A
secretary at
Jane Mickles, CTP
Membership Chair
Treasury Professional
Phone: (585) 739-3413
Fax: N/A
membershipchair at
Joe Pereira
Conference/Program Chair
Paychex, Inc.
Phone: (585) 354-6973
Fax: N/A
conferencechair at
Sarah Fox, CTP
Meeting (Venue) Chairperson
Constellation Brands, Inc.
Phone: (585) 678-7537
Fax: N/A
meetingchair at
April L. Anderson
Website/Gov. Rel./Publicity/Newsletter
University of Rochester
Phone: (585) 315-9262
Fax: N/A
websitechair at
Phyllis Cologgi, CTP
Nominating Chair
GateHouse Media
Phone: (585) 598-6871
Fax: N/A
nominatingchair at

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