Professional Certifications

The AFPWNY is a regional chapter of the national Association for Financial Professionals (see, our program is designed to support the knowledge needed to obtain and maintain their official certifications: Certified Treasury Professional (CTP) and Certified Corporate Financial Planning & Analysis Professional (FP&A). These certifications distinguish a general practitioner of treasury and finance and financial planning and analysis as a true expert in these fields. As an employer, supporting CTP and FP&A certifications provides an instant credibility boost to your team by demonstrating to clients and business partners that you have a highly trained, expert staff. As an employee, these certifications provide you with the knowledge you need to better perform at your job, making you a highly sought after asset in the business world.

Tracking Your Credits

When you attend an AFPWNY event, you will receive a certificate that you can use during a certification audit. As a member benefit, you can login and create a Member Credit Report Summary for the events you attended that reflect the credits awarded for that event by AFP. Be sure to retain any other information as required by AFP in case of audit.


Other Certifications

Other Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits may be eligible at select AFPWNY events. Consult with your licensing board for your professional designation to determine eligibility for credits.